When i think about you, when i think about us, when i think about what we were i die inside. I miss you like crazy, everyday it gets worse. Every second i think about you. I see a little kid and i think about how we use to babysit together. I see someone wearing jeans and i think about how you would complain that they are so uncomfortable. I see girls and I think of how none of them will ever be as beautiful as i think you were. I see your family and i try to hold back tears cause i know they feel the same. I see cute couples and think how that was us. I want you back SO bad. I need you. Ever since i heard the news last year i felt this empty pit in my stomach, and everytime i think about you it gets bigger and bigger amd aches more and more. Its painful to miss you this much. Everyweek i go to the cemetary and leave you flowers. You loved flowers. “when a guy really loves his girl, hell remind her with flowers” you would always say. And its true, i do love you. Ill always love you. I miss you like crazy R.I.P. 10-10-2012