Hey everyone please don’t flirt with me if you’re way younger then me. I know you are trying to be nice but I’m 18 and it makes me a little uncomfortable. Giving me a compliment is one thing, but omg these messages.

I’m in the best possible mood. YAY!

I really want girl scout cookies so I went on the website to see where they sell them in my area cause you can just type in your zip code. Little did I know that they aren’t in season. I have to wait 164 days for girl scout cookies. Now I wanna cry. 

Just got back from my date! (:

Anonymous do an imitation of a girl


"I want a gay best friend*

"You’re gay? Omg lets be best friends and go shopping and have sleepovers"

"Your butt is so bony."

"Feel how soft my legs are."

"This is my good side."

"Do you have a *item of clothing* I could borrow?"

"If she has something to say, she can say it to my face."

"Do you guys want to split something?"

"I feel like we never talk anymore."

"Promise you won’t get mad?"

"I have so many split ends!"

Anonymous do you hate muslims because of what happend to your dad? i'm sorry for that. just curious.

I hate Osama and everyone was connected to the bombing and everyone that helped him hide away. But no I do not blame the whole race for what happened. Just like if some American extremist did something bad to another country I wouldn’t want to be hated for something I had nothing to do with.